MJ010 USB Air Humidifier Home Small Bedroom Desktop Carousel Air Humidifier with Music Box, Product specifications: Battery Type(Pink)



Price: $29.09
(as of May 03, 2024 06:50:13 UTC – Details)

1. Noise: 36dB or less
2. Spray volume: 50mL/h
3. Function: aromatherapy, night light, with music box
4. Material: ABS+PC
5. Use time: about 2 hours
6. Water tank capacity: 320ml
7. Rated voltage: 5v
8. Rated power: 2w
9. Features: surging heavy fog, colorful breathing lights, Trojan horse music box, silent night companions sleep peacefully, water shortage and power failure protection
10. Battery capacity: 800mAh (Only for battery type)
11. Power supply mode: USB plug-in/built-in lithium battery
12. Applicable area: 41-60 square meters
13. Net weight: about 475g
14. Size: about 11.8×11.8×16.9cm

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